Adventure Pass

Starting June 16th visitors using the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino Nation Forests will be required to purchase a National Forest Adventure Pass. The fee is $5.00 for a daily pass and $30.00 for an annual pass.

The pass is for visitors that park on forest lands for the purpose of recreational use. You are not required to have the pass if you are just traveling through the National Forest. The pass needs to be clearly displayed in the front window of your vehicle. There is a handy cut-out in the pass so it can be easily hung from your rear view mirror.

Although we already pay taxes to support the National Forest system apparently there is not enough to pay for the maintaining and repairs of recreational facilities, or resource and habitat protection. The Forest Service says, the money will be used for "more and cleaner restrooms, better trails, higher- quality natural environment and more frequent trash removal."

The fine for not displaying your National Forest Adventure Pass may result in a fine of $ accordance with 36 CFR 261.15.

The day my group went up to Dawn Mine we had our pass but others at the Chaney Trail gate were not so fortunate and were ticketed. If you are not sure what to do, call the Forest Service for information. Angeles Forest call 818-574-5200.

Don’t have your day ruined because you failed to have a pass.

Send email to to report any problems.
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