Ye Alpine Tavern Button Collectors Corner

So you thought you had to keep your eyes wide open before while hunting for those elusive Mt. Lowe collectibles.

In just the past few months this collector has been made aware of another area to watch for. Pins and buttons! Though a bit hard on the eyes sometimes all it takes is asking, "Do you have any Mt. Lowe pins or buttons?

While on vacation in central California I managed to find this gem buried in a glass in Chowchilla for the nifty price of $3.50. I’ve since been offered $25.00 but it will not leave the home I’ve made for it. In the center is a squirrel and around the outside it says, "Ye Alpine Tavern, Mt. Lowe, California.

triangle Mt. Lowe Railroad designThe next button shown belongs to Michael Patris. It’s a pretty rare find of a button showing the triangle Mt. Lowe Railroad design. The button is silver in color and is currently on display at the Glendora Library in case number four.
Pacific Electric button
Pacific Electric buttons are out there for the hardy Mt. Lowe collector to add to his growing side collection of PE stuff. Michael found this large one and a number of small ones to add to his growing collection.

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