This issue blasts us with echoes from Millard Canyon’s Dawn Mine. You ask, "What has that to do with the Mt. Lowe Railroad?" Did you know the railroad was used to haul ore to market from the mine? The railroad also had a station stop called Dawn Station and it was used in the conductor’s spiel as they rounded the curves of the Alpine division. Read on in this issue to hear a bit of the Dawn Mine’s history, how to get there hiking, and some clips on mine dangers and one adventurers trip to the mine.

Many interesting and beautiful places are above us in the San Gabriel Mountains and as the pages of our paper turn, we hope to present to you stories and articles that will please you.

As this issue winds to an end I find myself buried in a new project. The Land-Sea Discovery Group will present a display of Mt. Lowe and Thaddeus Lowe material at the Glendora Public Library the entire month of September. This is our first time at such a large display of our collection. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy seeing things you’ve never seen before regarding our beloved railroad.

Our winter issue will offer up some great snow scenes of Alpine, Echo, and plain ol’ wintertime fun on the mountain.

‘til next time, Jake

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