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Mt. Lowe Post OfficeDear friend Michael Patris was interviewed for the May 1997 issue of Collector, a publication for the Southern California Collector’s Association. The subject of the interview was Michael’s Mt Lowe collection, which you can take it from me, is mighty impressive. The article delves into Mt. Lowe history and prices for various Mt. Lowe memorabilia. Congratulations Michael! And, as if that were not enough, Michael also was asked to speak on Mt. Lowe collectibles at the Collectors Conference held the end of May 1997.

At the June R & N Postcard Show in Pasadena, I ran into Mike Post, Paul Rippens, Troy Sette, and writer John Robinson, all on the hunt for their subject of the day, most being of course, Mt. Lowe. Troy was having a rough time finding cards depicting Rubio Canyons waterfalls, which he is not only researching, but climbing also! John Robinson is searching for an early card showing the powerhouse on Echo pre 1905. I was lucky enough to find a nifty little brochure that gave schedules for the Mt. Lowe Pony Trail Trip on one side and the Picture Rock Mule Train trip on the other. Collector’s Value on this piece $8.00-15.00. Of course finding it in Pasadena I paid more than that!

July 5, 1997. The editor finally got technical support friend Kevin Lerma to go on a hike with a few others of the Land - Sea Discovery Group. We did the Dawn Mine hike and all faired quite well ‘cept for Juan Torres who somehow got a case of poison oak on his buttocks.

July 12, 1997 five volunteers went up to Inspiration Point to assist in clearing away some brush. Upon our arrival we were told the job was handled already, so we went over to the Mt. Lowe Campgrounds. Once there Brian, Jim and Kent repaired a hasp for a Forest Service locker which some fool had broken into. Bob Wilde and myself explored the area where the cottages once were. While there a group of scouts from Arcadia arrived and it was amazing to see the energy these kids had after hiking in three miles.

July 26,1997 I went to the Orange County Postcard show and scored big. I found two Alpine Tavern menus, a Tavern business card, and a wonderful booklet propagating the wonders of Mt. Lowe. John Robinson was there also with friends Paul and Willis. John finally found his Echo Mt. Powerhouse postcard and for only $5.00!

Thanks to Michael De Ghetto of Alpine Division Scale Models for sending in a copy of the Reporter a Fedco publication. Reporter Carla Kallen did a nice article on the Mt. Lowe railroad for their July issue.

Special thanks to my wife Susan Brouwer for all of her assistance while we prepared for the large display at the Glendora Library. The display was a large project that needed lots of TLC. Risers had to be made and placed just right, placards written, printed and cut, photos enlarged, and all through the creative process and set up Susan was right there with me. Thanks! Also dear friend and collector Michael Patris contributed some major pieces to the display and was there to help out on set up day. When it was all said and done we stepped back and gave it two thumbs up. Thanks Michael!

Mt. Lowe Display News

Mt. Lowe Display 1Mt. Lowe Display 2

A display of historical photographs, postcards, memorabilia, books and artifacts depicting the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railroad took place at the Glendora Public Library, 140 S. Glendora Ave. Glendora, Ca. 91740. The library is open 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Thursday through Saturday. The collection was on display the entire month of September 1997.

Mt. Lowe Dispaly 3This extensive display of Mt. Lowe Railway items is from the personal collection of Jake Brouwer, editor of Echo Mtn. Echoes, a newsletter for aficionados of the historic site, and other contributions from members of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railroad Historical Committee.

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