.. Fall
Echo Mtn. Echoes Volume 3..
Number 3

Trails and Camps Revisited

By Jake Brouwer

This Fall of 1998 issue will be a small tribute to the trails and camps in the area around Mt. Lowe. Our subscribers though all Mount Lowe fans have come to know our Scenic Mount Lowe from different vantage points and often once finding a place of such diversified beauty we settle in for the prolonged stay.

I discovered Mt. Lowe while out prospecting and investigating the story of a gold mine tucked away in Millard Canyon. Others start on Mountain Bikes and whiz down trails suddenly coming on a great old ghost town above the sprawling metropolis below. I know of many that followed the rails of the Pacific Electric Railway and upon reaching the city of Altadena they were suddenly lifted to the clouds on an incline railway. However we find Mt. Lowe, it is in our hearts to stay and explore. After finding Mt. Lowe I hope you will do as I did and take the time to discover the surrounding area, filled with beauty and historical significance.


The wonderful cover shot for this months issue was done by Herb Shoebridge of Temple City. Herb has this shot and others of the Dawn Station area for sale in a variety of sizes. 9655 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City, CA 91709.


Mt. Lowe Family Album
First Hand Mt. Lowe Memories

Michael Patris

Leroy McVey at the Echo Phone
Photo courtesy Vic McVery

There are but a handful of people still around who can share a real life experience from the Great Incline At Mount Lowe – and fewer still, who can open a family album saying "I remember when."

One such individual is Vic McVey; a fellow Mt. Lowe enthusiast and collector. Born in the early 1920’s, Vic and his siblings were raised in Eagle rock and spent many happy hours hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains with mom and dad. Vic says his parents used to hike even before they were married because, " Face it" he says, "nobody had any money back then."



A Weekend at Oakwilde Camp.

A Better Bachelor Party

By Christopher Nyerges

I received a phone call from a young man, Doug Burke, from San Diego who was about to be married. He told me that for a "bachelor party" he wanted to have a survival skills weekend in the local mountains with his buddies. He had no interest in a stereotypical drunken bachelor brawl. He wanted to know if I could lead such a survival trip. We arranged to do a survival skills weekend at Oakwilde Camp. We started at the Oak Grove Ranger Station, and hiked up the Arroyo Seco to Oakwilde.



News of our readers

As announced in our last newsletter Land - Sea Discovery Group hosted a slide show presentation titled PANCHO. Author of the biography of the same name, Barbara Hunter Schultz, presented the show. There were around 25 participants at the show and a good time was enjoyed by all. Michael Patris was kind enough to give introductions and also to bring along just part of his fabulous collection of Mt. Lowe Memorabilia. Susan Brouwer put together the refreshments and Kevin Lerma provided moral support. Some of the attendees of note were Joe Blackstock, Edna Smith, Altadena Historical, John Harrigan of the SMLHC, Stan McCain, a few who rode the rails at Mt. Lowe and, a one woman who knew Pancho Barnes.


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As I put the Echoes to bed today I watched a young man who went to school near here gain the attention of most of the country as he hit his 61st homerun in one season. Mark McGuire reached the summit today and stood alone there along with Roger Maris filled with emotion. What a feeling it must be to have the whole country if not the better part of the world rooting for you to make it to the top.


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