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First of all I would like to thank all of you for your patience regarding the tardiness of the fall issue of the Echoes, you can be assured that as soon as I was able it was tackled with the fervor of past issues. It is my intention to bring to you in this issue the beginnings of TSC Lowe’s life as best I can with the limited resources available and wading through as much of the misinformation as possible to bring you the most accurate report I can gather. I did managed to find 11 different sources however critical records of the County of Coos in New Hampshire were destroyed by fire. With the help of resources and descendants the Land-Sea Discovery Group will continue to expand upon knowledge of the life of Professor Thaddeus Lowe and the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway. 

I would like to thank Michael Patris, Christopher Nyerges, and Gary Mendes for their never-ending support, personally, and professionally with the newsletter. Thanks!

The Winter issue should be ready in late January, putting the schedule only a month behind. By Spring we should be caught up. This issue will touch on the fires up on the mountain, including the Echo Mountain House fire of February 1900. This year is 100 years since it’s demise. Anyone having information on any of the fires on Mt. Lowe please contact me. I hope your holidays are bright. 

Jake Brouwer


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