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Case Studies

C and H Sales Company

In business over 50 years, this electronics surplus, catalog, mail-order and retail store, faced the challenges of new competition and increasing postage costs. The existing business model could not address either of these risks.

By leveraging the benefits of building an e-commerce site, they are now addressing both risks and succeeding.

Now that regular customers have the alternative of viewing the online versions of their catalog at their e-commerce site, many have opted not to receive future paper editions of the catalog. This saves postage expense, a major growth risk as the business expands and adds a larger selection of items.

By offering a consistently better online experience at their e-commerce site, they keep encroaching online competition in check.

As an added bonus, world wide navigators of the Internet now have direct access to their goods and services. Many new customers' first contact is through their e-commerce site. They now receive international orders from savvy buyers world wide, searching for the best prices.

Also of note, by ensuring the strictest Secure Sockets Layer encryption on all sensitive customer data, savvy web buyers are happy to conduct their business online at their e-commerce site. Because of programming efficiencies introduced in the creation of their e-commerce site, customer and order data is captured digitally, easing order fulfillment  processing. Errors are reduced and customers can shop any time of the day or night.


In & Out Paint & Body Centers

Facing stiff competition in the Southern California market, they knew going online was a basic part of their marketing efforts.

In addition to informing potential customers of their goods and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional media, their website offers a multitude of information efficiently communicated to interested parties.

Having well placed "web presence," means online shoppers will be sure to notice them among their other competitors online. By creating a user friendly and eye-catching website, potential customers are incented to make first contact via an email message or a later phone call.

In & Out Paint & Body Centers unique geographic information offered along with their stores' locations creates opportunities for unique new  marketing efforts and shows they understand the important relationships they have with each community in which their stores operate.

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