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The winter issue of the Echo Mtn. Echoes managed to make it out to its subscriber's just days before the gathering planned on Echo Mountain to celebrate the centennial of the burning of Echo Mountain House. Many readers commented that it helped to put things into perspective for this historic occasion. Though some lighthearted comments were made about this writer being there the night of February 4, 1900, all that was written was based on facts dug from old newspapers.

Despite the best intentions of all wishing to attend, the weather that week put a damper on the large crowds expected, keeping the group attending to a very respectable and comfortable fifty or so. We all gathered at the top of Lake Avenue and waited the time to depart. Some of the fellows shared some of their latest finds and others greeted old friends as they arrived. Before taking off up the hill, Edna Smith and the President of the Altadena Historical Society, Sara Carnahan, were presented some items for the societies collection by the Scenic Mt. Lowe Historical Committee's member, Ron Jasinski. One item was an enameled demitasse spoon featuring the Mt. Lowe Railway and some wonderful blue flowers. Another was a much sought after booklet titled World Famous Mt Lowe Railway. The group also presented Edna with a switch key from Pacific Electric. Ron, with Mark Avery presented the AHS, with a plaque and a railroad spike found in the yard of Mark and Diane Avery, which was the site of the old Newkirk Station.

Michael Patris and wife on Echo Mt.

Mr and Mrs. Michael Patris on Echo Mountain for the February 5th event. John Scomdale, a Mt. Lowe fan, is in the background to the left.

Finally it was time to leave, and the caravan took to the mountains. Jake Brouwer and Michael Patris set up a display of Mt. Lowe memorabilia near the old caretakers home for all present that day to take in. Jake also passed out free Mt Lowe postcards newly printed by his Land-Sea Discovery Group. It turned out to be a lovely day. Visitors explored the ruins of Echo Mountain or talked collecting. A large contingent of Ebay shoppers were present and met for the first time. The crowd was gathered later with Brian Marcroft and John Harrigan, leaders of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Historical Committee, giving some oral history of why we were there that day, and the events that took place 100 years ago. Afterwards everyone picnicked at their leisure and explored more.

The Haug Family

Hope Haug, John Haug (Great-grandson of T.S.C. Lowe), and John Haug. (Great-great-grandson of T. S. C. Lowe) A Rippens Photo

During the Month of February Jake Brouwer of the Echoes, brought together some VIP's for a wonderful visit into Lowe family history. The trip was led by Jake, his friend Michael Patris, and friend and expert guide of the surrounding area, author Paul Rippens. The VIP's of the day were John and Hope Haug and their grandson, John Haug, all from Maine. Also attending was Audrey Anderson and daughter Pauline and her husband Jim Hoopes. The Hoopes's son Jed also attended along with his cousin Andrew. John Haug is the great-grandson of Thaddeus Lowe and Audrey Anderson is related also, both by Ida Lowe Haug, daughter of T. S. C. Lowe. For the Haug family this was their first trip up to Mt Lowe. After a week of rains, we were most fortunate to have a clear morning as everyone arrived. We drove up to the Cape of Good Hope, parked and then hiked in to Echo Mountain. Paul Rippens stopped the group at various points of interest and answered some of many questions that day. Along the way the Altadena Mountain Bike Club was repairing a rather large slide that had fallen across the trail. The group graciously allowed us to pass and on hearing of the VIP's in our group, handshakes then went all around. Once at Echo Mountain the tour took great interest in the bull wheel, powerhouse, Echo Mountain House, and the Chalet. John Haug took a turn at the Echo Phone. Later we hiked back to the vehicles and drove up to Dawn Station, where we partook in a picnic lunch. We would have liked to go further up the railway to Alpine, but there were concerns about the road conditions after such heavy rains that week. Next we went on down to Altadena and stopped for a moment at Macpherson Parkway, and the monument for the National Register of Historical Places. Then we went to Mountain View Cemetary, where the graves of the Lowe Family, and the Macpherson's were viewed. By mid afternoon we retired to the beautiful home the Haugs were staying at, for a look into the collecting end of the Scenic Mt Lowe Railway. Both Michael Patris and Jake Brouwer brought portions of their collections for the Lowe relatives to look at which it seemed were thoroughly enjoyed. We all had a wonderful day.

A Gathering at The Brouwer's

Michael Patris, John Ferm, David Ferm (Great-grandsons of T. S. C. Lowe) and Jake Brouwer. Note the welcome cake with the Great Incline decorated on it. 

On April 1, 2000, another gathering took place at the home of Jake Brouwer. Initial contacts by Michael Patris and follow-ups by Jake brought together another group of Thaddeus Lowe's relations. This time it was the Ferm family. Present for the event were David and John Ferm, Great-grandsons of Thaddeus Lowe, David's wife Carol, and Great-great granddaughter of Thad's, Stephanie Bethel, daughter of David. The "Inspiration Point like" view of Jakes home broke the ice right away and when the group stood in the living room surrounded with Mt. Lowe memorabilia it was quickly realized we all had a great deal in common. Stories and information flew from one room to another in a swirl that lasted near four hours. Talk went round of the Orange Grove home of T. S. C.'s, the railway, Pancho, and life in general. Stereopticons were passed around between the couch and those casually resting on the carpet and later photographs, postcards, brochures and the like circled around the kitchen table. When refreshments were served up, a neat lemon filled cake decorated with an image of the Great Incline on the Mt. Lowe Railway, was served. The Ferms are descended from Thaddeus and Leontine's first-born child Louise F. Lowe, born in New York in 1856. Louise married August Ludwig Adolf Gleim, whose family history has been traced back to the 1300's! Their daughter Pauline is David and John's mother, buried in the Lowe family plot at Mountain View Cemetary. All in all it was a wonderful day with wonderful people.

February 14, was important day in the Lowe family history, being the 145th anniversary of Leontine and Thaddeus Lowe's wedding in 1855. In 1905 a 50th Golden Anniversary photo was taken and thanks to the Haug and Ferm families it graces our cover this month.

Present in the photo are Sobieski, Leon, and Thaddeus Lowe Jr., John Haug, Ida Lowe Haug, Leontine, Thaddeus, Eda Lowe Wright, Blanche Lowe Wright, Helen Lowe (Leon's wife), Augustine Lowe Brownback, George Wright, Harry Brownback, Leslie Wright, Leonie Wright, Willard Wright, Emert Lowe, and Russell Brownback.

All family members are welcome to contact this paper and continue connecting the Lowe Family.

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