.. Spring 
... 2000 
Echo Mtn. Echoes Volume 5..
Number 1

Echo Mtn. Echoes, Thaddeus Lowe And Family

A Wedding Made

in Heaven

The following story is based on true facts gleaned from a copy of a news article in the NEW YORK HERALD, Thursday, November 8, 1865, which was so graciously provided to this office by Audrey Anderson, descendant of Thaddeus Lowe.      

 By Alaska Summerkind

Being a reporter of the time sometimes brings one into the realm of things thought to be far beyond their grasp when first imagined. So it was when this strange assignment was handed to me. Not having seen, nor been to such an affair before, no visions were thereby banked for me to draw from. By duties course I set forth making my way through the already gathering throng awaiting the grand event.



Sunrise Service At Easter Rock, Mt. Lowe

By Michael Patris

Imagine getting up well before dawn to get on a Pacific Electric Red Car for an Easter Sunrise Worship Service.

Sunrise Easter Service Phamphlet

According to a 1926 P.E. brochure there were special cars leaving downtown Los Angeles as early as 2:30 in the morning! There are also departure times listed as 2:45 and 3:00 that would arrive in Pasadena to pick up passengers and still get you to Easter Rock on time for church

If you were lucky enough to stay the night at Mount Lowe Tavern (formerly Alpine Tavern) don’t think you would have been able to sleep in very much longer 



Late Winter Visit

By Christopher Nyerges

I had never been to Mount Lowe before, though I'd been to Echo Mountain many times. This was the mid-1960s. A friend from the neighborhood was in the Boy Scouts and he'd been up there with his troop. So one winter day he offered to lead the way to the old Mount Lowe Camp.

We hiked to Echo Mountain from the top of Lake Avenue, and then hiked into Castle Canyon. I realized I was unprepared for snow when we were about halfway to Inspiration Point and my feet were already wet and cold. I was wearing some old suede shoes, which were not waterproof. My friend assured me that we were "almost there," but every step was getting more and more difficult, and my feet were cold. I also saw the value in snowshoes during that hike, since my feet kept sinking into the holes in the snow that I made with every step. I was working hard step by step.



News of our Readers.

The winter issue of the Echo Mtn. Echoes managed to make it out to its subscriber's just days before the gathering planned on Echo Mountain to celebrate the centennial of the burning of Echo Mountain House. Many readers commented that it helped to put things into perspective for this historic occasion. Though some lighthearted comments were made about this writer being there the night of February 4, 1900, all that was written was based on facts dug from old newspapers



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This issue has a strong sense of family to it, from a Wedding Made in Heaven, to our "News Of" column.

This is the last spring of the millennium and as this year quickly comes to an end, I hope each and every one of you takes the time to remember a friend or family member. Let's renew those relationships, and strengthen those ties with those we love and care about. When we remove ourselves from the throws of work, and obligations, will the friends and family you've been neglecting still be there? Sure they will, but we all need to take the time to insure it.


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